Mommy Love

Mommy Love is a tracking app that allows you to watch your own and beloved ones activity and share your activities (distance, speed & location) using GPS.

You can become a Mentor or a Follower and start tracking and sharing your activities or just create a group among your followers and stay connected with your friends and family.

Coach Mode

  • Send a request and become a Mentor.
  • Observe your followers activities or Create a list of Favorites among followers.

Follower Mode

  • Allow your contacts to become your Mentor.
  • Share your Track, Speed and Distance with your mentors.

Make a Group

  • Create your own personalized group of followers.
  • Allow them to interact with each other and observe their Track, Speed and Location.

Live GPS Tracking

  • Track route and speed in real-time with built-in GPS.
  • Monitor your personal statistics using Online Maps.


Live Activity

On top of all the incredible free benefits the Mommy Love provides, real time GPS progress of your follower’s activity.

Online/Offline Tracking

Mommy Love works on both offline and online environments which mean one can use the app without internet and Start His/hers activity and Mommy Love will share your activity with the Mentor, as soon as the internet is available.

Contact Sync

Mommy Love will automatically recognize fellow app users by using your phone’s contact directory.

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